CPI has achieved an outstanding reputation in the advertising and production field for over 30 years.

Castle Productions is a "full creative production agency". This means we are not only a production design firm but a marketing firm as well. "Why build a web page if you can't market it ? "

First, we are a full production company that deals in:
Web site development & design, computer graphics, color brochures, ad layouts and interactive CD-ROM catalogs and more. See services.

Castle was one of the first companies to release stock images and music on CD-ROMs in the early 90's. Therefore, we were already designing interfaces (web pages for CD navigation) before the web was popular. We are not an overnight startup, we've been designing since 1994 and we're good at it.

Secondly, we act as an ad agency/consultants that deals with advertising campaign concepts, promotions, marketing strategies, and have been responsible for placing millions of dollars in media buying & ad placements. We don't just build web sites, we know what your demographics are looking for and implement them in our design & development. We also tie in your existing advertising and exposure so that your image has a consistent look and feel.

We also write and record custom jingles in our own recording studio. We are responsible for hundreds of TV and radio commercials, animated logo treatments, video presentations, and much more.

We design sites with your marketing strategies in mind.
If you can think of it...we can do it!

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