Who's minding the store?
If you are running your business right, you don't have time to manage and maintain your own web site. CPI offers both hosting and maintenance. Having us manage your web site will let you concentrate on running your business

Who's doing your updates?
Are you already spending way too much money contracting designers for a few changes every month? If you already have your web site up and running or simply need a face lift, let CPI give you a free quote today! A maintenance contract will allow you to simply fax or email any changes, updates or additions and we'll have you updated in as little as 2 hours!

Is your ISP on this planet?
Are you doing business with people you don't really know?
Did you choose your host on merit?
Do you know how long they have been in business?
Did you have enough choices or were you limited by time and resourses?

We were one of the first hosts in Phoenix, AZ. We are also celebrating 30 years in business! Writing a few lines of hypertext does not make you a web designer! You need to be a designer first and a programmer second. Get to know CPI and you'll see why we've been in business for over 30 years.

Castle Productions takes the complexities of getting on the Web off your shoulders. Whether you want a comprehensive set of services and solutions or would prefer to take advantage of specific services, we can adapt to your requirements.
Your company can have its own dedicated space on a virtual host with:
Domain Name: yourcompany.com
E-Mail: yourname@yourcompany.com
WWW address (URL): * http://www.yourcompany.com
We consult & service companies on Internet related areas, including:
Internet marketing and advertising
Internet product positioning
Internet company integration
Web site trouble shooting and more
E-mail or call 480-220-4264 today for a quote!